South Peace Health Services Society obtained a property one block from the Dawson Creek & District Hospital, which has been named Bultery’s Community House.

This facility will provide affordable accommodation for patients and their families who travel from outside the city to receive treatment and care, whether it be overnight or a longer period of time, at the hospital and facilities in Dawson Creek.

The house is currently being renovated for seven bedrooms, a shared kitchen and eating area, two lounge rooms and a shared laundry. There will also be a carriage house to accommodate nurses and doctors coming to work in Dawson Creek and needing transitional/temporary housing.

The Northeast Regional Community Foundation is working with South Peace Health Services Society to process donations to this project. Donations made to Northeast Regional Community Foundation and designated specifically to the Bultery’s Community House will receive a charitable receipt. Go to our DONATE page on this website or contact us for more details.

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Improving Access to Healthcare

Much needed relief for families


Seven bedrooms means the house will help many

A Lasting Difference

As a purpose built facility the Bultery's House will have many years of impact