South Peace Mile 0 Park Society

The South Peace Mile 0 Park Society (MOPS) needs your help to upgrade the Rotary Recreation Park (the former location of the Rotary Lake) to be all that it can be! 

Current plans for the park include a pump track, a skills development area, a beginners’ pump track, and a new and improved misting pads for all ages! Donations, whatever size, are greatly appreciated and will go directly to building this park into a destination location for locals and visitors alike.


A family center to be enjoyed by everyone in the Peace Country. It lays along the Hart Highway providing easy access from the Alaska or Hart Highway entrances. Picnic tables, trees and landscaping will provide a beautiful ­inclusive site for everyone to enjoy.  

Current Project Concepts

Pump Track

The Society has met with designers and contractors that specialize in pump track building. A pump track offers an exhilarating experience with berms and rollers where riders can truly connect with their bikes, skateboards, scooters or rollerblades. Progressive circuits where riders use an up and down motion to propel the bike forward rather than pedaling. Pump tracks are an excellent place to practice balance, learn skills and improve confidence. 

Everyone can ride on a pump track, any skill, any level, any age; most ride for the sheer fun of it but pump track riding has become an increasingly competitive sport. The best way to understand a Pump Track is to take a ride on one or perhaps take a trip to Tumbler Ridge and check out their Pump Track. Tumbler Ridge has a beautiful Track and in the not too distant future so will Dawson Creek, B.C. 

Our site will include an all-ages pump track and a beginners’ pump track.


Bike Skills Track

The Bike Skills Track provides another opportunity to gain skills and build confidence. It is built for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. 

A place for everyone to ride obstacles, try tricks, ride over rocks and rails much as you would if you were in the mountains. 

Built as a progressive skills park, it will have multiple runs for all skill levels including drop sections throughout the park. 

The Bike Skills Track will join the Pump Track and will be developed and built as fundraising allows. 

These paved pump tracks and bike skill track  will be built at Rotary Recreation Park, joining the current children’s misting pad, Mile ‘O’ RV Park and Pioneer Village Museum. Future projects include a proposed new youth playground and a new wheel-chair accessible all-ages misting pad.

The project goal is $1,000,000. Two local businesses (Swampy Donkey and Parallel Projects) have made a tremendous commitment of supplies, equipment and personnel reaching a donation level in excess of 30% of the project costs! Fundraising is key to the on-going development of the Pump Tracks and Bike Skills Track. 

MOPS has been diligently campaigning for cash donations, with still have a ways to go.  They are determined and encourage everyone to get involved – making this a community gathering place Dawson Creek can all be proud of.   Donate today to support this community building project and receive a tax receipt for all donations over $20.

For further information about the projects, contact Alex at